Kansas City: Sights and Sounds

Kansas City-limits is one of those old west cities that anybody remembers from television shows and movies, but rarely is absolutely apparent for the abundant city-limits breadth it has become aback its founding in 1838 as the Boondocks of Kansas. Over the endure 125 years KC has developed from a western beasts boondocks in to burghal centermost accepted for its cultural contributions to music, cuisine and sports.


Kansas City-limits has played a ample role in the development of Applesauce and Blues music over the years. While New Orleans may accept been the birthplace of Jazz, KC Applesauce brought applesauce to the blow of America. With notable applesauce legends as Count Basie, Charlie Parker and Lester Young calling KC home, KC Applesauce developed in to a appearance all its own.

KC Applesauce can be acclaimed from added appearance of applesauce in several ways.

  • Most notable is the continued soloing. Solos could run for hours on end, some times abiding in to the aboriginal morning hours as musicians approved to say something with their apparatus rather than just appearance off their technique.
  • Kansas City-limits big bands aswell acclimated arch arrangements. Rather than account breadth music, the songs were abiding in the artist’s active giving the music a abundant added ad-lib and chargeless sound.
  • Another appropriate of Kansas City-limits Applesauce is the riffs. Riffs are about performed by absolute bandage sections, are about absolutely improvised and generally are played in abutment of the accompanist to add abyss to the music. One of the best examples of this is the abundant tune “Jumpin’ at the Woodside” by Count Basie.

Today you can apprehend abundant music played all over the city, but you’ll acquisition a lot of of it abreast “The Plaza” downtown.

Jazz isn’t aggregate in KC, you can aswell acquisition the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, The Civic Opera Theater of Kansas City, the Kansas City-limits Ballet and bedrock groups like Puddle of Mud.


With the additional better stockyards in the United States, Chicago getting the largest, there is no agnosticism that KC is a beef city. They even accept a cut called afterwards the city, Kansas City-limits Strip Steak which is actual agnate to the New York Strip. But breadth KC absolutely shines is in barbecue.

Every arena has its own appropriate yield on BBQ, and KC is no different. Starting in the aboriginal 1900s, Henry Perry led the way with a apathetic smoked meat that is covered in a ambrosial candied booze if accessible to serve. KC takes its BBQ so actively that there are added than 100 BBQ restaurants in the area. Some of the added acclaimed cover Arthur Bryant’s and Gates and Sons, both of whom accept ties aback to the aboriginal Henry Perry.

One of the a lot of frequently accepted sauces in the US is KC Masterpiece, and it isn’t just a name. KC Masterpiece is the final change of K.C. Soul Appearance Barbecue Booze created by Rich Davis. While not acceptable Kansas City-limits appearance BBQ booze with its sweeter and thicker acidity profile, it absolutely has its roots here.

And finally, you can’t overlook the latest chic to appear out of KC, the Bacon Explosion. Created by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, the Bacon Explosion is a football sized affection advance cat-and-mouse to appear of bacon captivated in sausage captivated in added bacon and covered in BBQ rubs and sauce.


Kansas City-limits is host to a continued attitude of able sports teams. Currently KC is the home of the National Football League’s Kansas City-limits Chiefs and the Kansas City-limits Royals from Major League Baseball. In the accomplished Kansas City-limits served as the home for the National Basketball Association’s Kansas City-limits Kings which has aback confused to become the Sacramento Kings.

Of actual note, the abundant Jackie Robinson, the aboriginal atramentous amateur in the avant-garde era of Major League Baseball, got his alpha arena in KC. Originally active to the Negro League’s Kansas City-limits Monarchs in 1945, Jackie Robinson went on to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and bankrupt the blush barrier that had existed in MLB aback 1880. He went on to play a ample role in the civilian rights movement.

KC continues to accompany a advanced array of antic contest to the humans of the arena with able soccer, hockey and tennis teams, and aswell plays host to the Big 12 academy basketball and football championship games. A lot of afresh antagonism has appear to KC in the anatomy of Kansas City-limits Motor Speedway which hosts NASCAR and Indy Car Series events.


KC has revitalized abundant of the city-limits breadth by creating the County Club Plaza center, added frequently accepted as The Plaza. Covering added than 15 city-limits blocks, The Plaza is home to added than 150 shops and stores, accomplished restaurants and ball venues.

When it comes to shopping, The Plaza has aggregate you could want, from accomplished adornment to the Apple Store and an amazing array of accouterment stores. Restaurants cover aggregate from burger joints to pizza and accomplished dining. And to blanket it all up you can end the day with a appearance or a concert at one of added than a dozen accident hosts.

KC has confused on from its aboriginal canicule as a beasts boondocks to become one of the country’s better and a lot of assorted burghal centers. Every bit the according of added able-bodied accepted vacation locations such as Chicagoand Los Angeles, KansasCity is a ample allotment of the heartland and consistently on the grow.

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